Wooden Fencing

If you desire a new fence for your residential or commercial property, consider an economical wooden fence. Whether you want a natural-looking wooden fence for your backyard or your business property, this type of fence is a practical investment. With proper maintenance, a sturdy wooden fence lasts for several years. Wooden fences offer privacy and security. This type of fence withstands inclement weather and sun damage. Protecting your wooden fence from rot and insect damage extends the lifespan of the fence. 

At St. Charles Fence Co., we use the highest quality of wooden fence materials. We are a fence company that spends time with you to discuss your ideas and needs. We can design a utility type fence or a fancier style of wooden fence. Your consultation includes a free estimate. We would love to hear your ideas about the type and the style of the fence that you require. We have designed many styles and types of wooden fences. 

Check out our website and click on the wooden fence link. Review our portfolio of completed wooden fence projects. You will be amazed at the variety of choices. Let your imagination take over and work with us to design your chosen wooden fence style. Working together we can build the perfect wooden fence for you. We promise to stick within your project budget. St. Charles Fence Co. offers a 100 % satisfaction guarantee. We are proud of our quality workmanship. We pledge an unmatched dedication to achieve your complete satisfaction.

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