Aluminum Chain Link Fencing

St. Charles Fence Co. knows all about installing aluminum chain-link fences. Chain-link is our best-selling low-maintenance fence. It is an affordable option for residential and commercial needs. The chain-link fence is great for protecting your family and pets. It works well for surrounding your commercial property. Once your new chain-link fence is installed, you will feel secure. No more worries about your dog escaping from your backyard patio. 

If you want to protect your front lawn, a chain-link fence is an economical solution. Depending upon the size of the area to be protected, barring stormy weather days, most installations are completed within one to two days. Chain-link fence material is available in plain metal and vinyl-coated fence fabric. Several styles, colors, heights, and gauges of thickness are available. Colors include silver, black, brown, and dark green. Choose from various styles of hardware, gates, and accessories. Install a plain utility-style chain-link fence or use vinyl-coated fabric and fancy hardware for a decorative option. 

Let St. Charles Fence Company install your new aluminum chain-link fence on your residential or commercial property. Achieve peace of mind, security, and privacy as you save money. We are eager to show you our chain-link fence completed projects portfolio. You will be glad that you invested money in a durable aluminum chain-link fence. Call our office or visit our website. Click on the chain-link fence page. Learn about the advantages of chain-link fence material. Call St. Charles Fence Co. to schedule an appointment for your chain-link fence.

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